Fall 2019 Student Parking Tag Application

SJC ID number
Cell Phone number
SJC Student email
Type of Parking Tag
Color of First Vehicle
Make of First Vehicle (ie. Ford, Honda, etc.)
Model of First Vehicle (ie. Escort, Civic, etc.)
Licence Plate Number of First Vehicle
Upload a picture or copy of the First Vehicle's Registration, not the insurance.
Color of Second Vehicle
Make of Second Vehicle
Model of Second Vehicle
Licence Plate Number of Second Vehicle
Upload a picture or copy of the Second Vehicle's Registration, not insurance
Upload a copy of your class schedule

Please read the following carefully.  Purchase of a parking tag does not guarantee a parking spot.  Parking tags must be displayed from the inside rearview mirror when entering the facility AND while parked.  You may be required to show an SJC ID card to enter the parking area.  Do not leave any personal items in the car.  The College is not responsible for any loss of property in your vehicle or for damage to your vehicle while in the parking area or while driving or parked in any area near the College. Vehicles 5ft. 8in. and over will not be admitted due to lift system. IMPROPER USE OF TAG AND/OR FAILURE TO FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIVES FROM AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL WILL RESULT IN REVOCATION OF PARKING PRIVILEGES.  Inquiries or complaints should be directed to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership or to the Director of Campus Security.